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This Landsat image obtained through an international satellite images company supplier, shows the potentiality of the satellite remote sensing applied to the city-planning development. If you are from Argentina and lives in the Capital Federal, surely you will be able to find the location of your address. It's important to emphasize that due the new satellites of very hi-res (Ikonos, Quickbird), this kind of images have lowered sensibly its price, being possible to acquire it of different international suppliers. Although these images of 30mts of resolution per pixel does not show the details that the images of very hi-res (1mt by pixel) shows, is important to understand that for certain applications, hi-res is not necessary so.


Although Landsat 7 underwent a flaw in its sensor (that has made it sensibly diminish the quality of its images), Landst 5 continues catching images. At the moment we waited for with anxiety the continuation of the program Landsat, whose first experimental satellite already in orbit, the EO-1, it takes a new hyperspectral sensor on board, the Hyperion.


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