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Golf is a sport that requires a detailed knowledge of the course by the players. Unlike other sports in which the dimensions and characteristics of fields are basically similar, each golf course represents a true challenge for players, amateurs or professional. From this point of view, the satellite images of very hi-res can be a great aid for the golf players for make a recognition of the course before a game. In this Ikonos real color image 1mt resolution per pixel we see a golf course relatively small. However, if this image were superposed in a digital elevation model (which sadly we don't have), we could appreciate in addition the topography to the field, which without a doubt it would be helpful for an expert player. But there is something more: by clicking on this image we will be able to see the same one in its false infrared version. As we have affirmed more than once in this site, the near infrared shows us details that the human eye cannot detect and that they can be very important in this case.


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