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Landsat combination, false infrared, RGB 4.3.2 Hong Kong and its famous bay, perhaps one of the most beautiful of the world, is also headquarters and branchs of the most important banks and companies of the world. Look with attention the urban structure of this city and its particular characteristics.

 Simply, Hong Kong is one of the most modern cities of the world. Another important detail: due to the little surface of its territory and to the high density of its population, Hong Kong has grown "upwards", having an important amount of high altitude skyscrapers. That can be appreciated observing the shade that such buildings cast and it's perfectly apreciabes even from a Landsat image of 30m of resolution.Many of these skyscrapers belong to great banks and multinational corporations that have established their centrals or branchs in this active city in the last decades. Also many of these buildings are hotels of high altitude and luxuries (in fact, Asian luxury). Another detail that is worth to observe is the great amount of wakes of boats of different sizes that can be appreciated sailing in the bay, which exposes an important activity not only commercial, but in addition touristic.


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