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Landsat satellite (false infrared 4,3,2)

If you have visited New York and observes this image with attention, probably you will be able to locate the hotel in where you was lodged (or the hotels). In this Landsat image we see a panoramic of this enormous and beautiful city, that although isn't the capital of the USA, is without a doubt, its more emblematic city. Called "the great apple" or "the world capital", New York is a collage of ethnic groups and cultures, which turns this city as a place of enormous cultural meaning. From the point of view of tourist, the place of the city taht have greater attractions for the travellers is without a doubt, the island of Manhattan. This place have Theaters, Museums, entertainment places as far as the best restaurants and hotels of the world. It's in addition the financial capital to the USA. In its famous Wall Street, thousand of millon dollars are trading daily and its financial indexes condition the world-wide markets periodically. From the architectonic point of view the well-known characteristic of New York are its imposing skyscrapers. In the image can be observed clearly the at the south of the Central Park (midtown) a kind of "dark spot" that also can be appraised well at the south of the island, in the downtown. That "spot" isn't another thing than the shade casted by the skyscrapers. In this Landsat image we have indicated only some points of this city that can be attractive for the tourist, but there are many more. 

 1. Central Park                             2. Times Square

 3. Empire State Building              4. Lincoln Center

 5. Brooklin Bridge                        6. Statue of Liberty

 7. Metropolitan Museum of Art     8. American Museum of Natural History

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