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In this Landsat image subsene we appreciated part of Paris, capital of France. Also well-known like "the city of light", Paris is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities of the world. And it isnt't only an attractive city due his quality and conservation and maintenance talks (by means of severe norms imposed by its city council): it's also due its cultural and historic (Monuments, Museums, Cathedrals, etc). Due to the great size of the original satelite image (directly proportional to the size of the city), we see here so single a small part of that image, whose axis is the Sena river. Despite it, look for the high concentration of historical places a small portion of Paris have. We have marked so single 4 points that make "the personality" of this city, but in this subscene (and if You know this capital) you will be able to find other sites, also emblematics and also of high interest. And it's in this undeniable tourist attractive zone, in where are located the most important and luxurious hotels of the city.

 1. Tour Eiffel                           2.Musée du Louvre
 3. Cathédrale Notre Dame      4. L'arc de Triomphe



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