Petroleum fields in the district of "El Alto", province of Talara, Peru 

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Honestly, we didn't know about the existence of these petroleum fields of this extension in Peru.  While we analyzed the image of the Aster sensor (Terra satellite) looking for the exact location of Mancora, we moved towards the south and we discover this spectacular view. At the left of the image we see "El Alto" and from the center towards the right of the same image we can appreciate a classic framework that characterizes the petroleum fields (we can also see it in the images of Kuwait). The small circles are extraction petroleum wells and as we can see, there are interconnected by a complex road network. Another detail that can be appreciated is the remarkable planning of this industry. Look at the the equidistance between the wells. Although, in comparison with other petroleum fields of great production countries, this field can seem  small, but in the times of energetic crisis that we live today, the possibility of being able to extract petroleum from its own ground must be, without doubt, helpful for Peru.


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