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While the petroleum stocks was reviewed in all the countries of the world, in the NYBOT (New York Board of Trade) the different operators speculated due this situation so volatile. The world-wide entered in panic in front of this unpublished and uncertain situation. The reason? The petroleum prices shot up for the first time due to a war when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990 (the first Gulf War). In this Landsat images series of 1990-2000 we see how, or by Iraqian attacks or by sabotages that the kuwaities made in their own petroleum fields and refineries (so that it did not fall in enemy hands), several petroleum wells burn in desert. Months later the petroleum prices underwent another important rise when the coalition led by the USA released Kuwait and invaded Iraq. However, was in 2005 when the petroleum quotation reached its historical record due to a new Iraq invasion by another militar coalition led by the USA, and in addition due others negative markets variables. An interesting characteristic of this image is the possibility of seeing how band 7 of Landsat satellite (middle infrared, 2,215 micrométros) is able to detect very high temperatures showed in this colour combination as an intense orange color. By clicking in the above image will be able to see as the same zone in 2000, and  we will see this area after the reconstruction.

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