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Pulp mills being built in Uruguay, in the area of Fray Bentos, Rio Negro county, have caused a serious diplomatic conflict between this country and Argentina, its neighborhood. The reason of this conflict it's due to the preoccupation that Argentina has (and also in many Uruguayan citizens), of that this kind of paper industries can damage the severely the envirnment and the natural resourses. On the other hand, Uruguay and the companies that will invest in the installation of these pulp mills allege that the risk is not so because will be to be they will be use modern technologies for the treaty of the toxic wastes that these industries generate. 
Despite being Uruguayans, we will not to side by any of the two positions, due to simple fact that we aren't experts in this kind of industries subject. Nevertheless, ee considered must be expert scientists (Argentine and Uruguayan working together) who must evaluate the environmental impact that these factories can produce and establish norms that are necessary to diminish them to the maximum. During these last months much people without knowdledge about subject have spoken, to favor or in against, of the installation of this pulp mills. We are not expert and therefore, we will not think about. Simply we will show you this image (Landsat 7 false infrared RGB 4.3.2 - year 2000) of the area of the conflict, indicating some key points, some of them directly associated with this dispute.

A) Great areas forestaded in Uruguay 
(raw material for the pulp paper) 

B) Area already cuted down in our country. 

C) Great woods in Argentina (also raw material for the paper) 

D) Areas cuted down in the neighboring country. 

E) Gualeguaychú city, Entre Ríos.

F) Fray Bentos (city), Río Negro, Uruguay 

G) Bridge that connect both countries. 


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