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In these satellite images dated on 15, 16 amd 17 April, 2008, we can see the magnitude of the fires originated in the delta of the Rio Parana, effects which have affected the whole area of the Rio de la Plata and the southern coast of Rio Uruguay. As we can see, this phenomenon has already acquired the magnitude of an environmental disaster.
First we have a short-term effect caused by the smoke generated in the fire, which may affect the health of those who breathe, even hundreds of miles of the area directly affected. It should be noted that the smoke has shifted due the winds effects toward densely populated centres like Buenos Aires, and it has even affected, although to a lesser degree, to cities as far apart as Montevideo.
Another factor in the short term is the risk that the dense smoke implies for air, river and land, affecting visibility.
Secondly, we have a long-term effect: the affected area (delta area and swamps), is a rich ecosystem that certainly these fires would seriously compromise.
According to press reports, these fires would have resulted in the burning of pastures, and certainly them has been out of control due the prolonged drought that was affected the region.